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Yes, It's HARD!!!

We all face obstacles in our lives that seem

excruciatingly challenging. Some of us quit,

some of us cry through it and the very few of us push through with ease. What separates us you may ask? mindset. Each one of us have developed a particular belief system mentally based on our upbringing, society and environment we are mostly in. Out atmosphere dictates our fight or failures. Now, how do we win? We challenge that mindset. I will fail, it's no point trying, it's too hard.... are handcuffs to both your hands and feet. They tell you to remain stagnant, you do not deserve to excel in anything in life. Are you going to accept that verdict?

My challenge for you today:

Fight! Do not give in. Yes, it's hard. It's supposed to be! How else will you enjoy and relish in the victory when you've obtained it?

Keep pushing, finish your degree, finish that workout, take that new position, finish chemo, change your diet for your health, take time off from being exhausted - that thing will be there when you return from rest, JUST DO IT. God himself knew hard work produces great success. You got this!

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