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Coaching Services

Lorie-Ann Brown, M.S., LCPC

Solution Focused, Goal-Oriented approach


Our purpose in life can at times be undefined. We have this tug in our soul that tells us we were made for far more than the life we are presently living, but how do we get to that point? How do we find out our God-given, divine purpose and destiny? How do we walk in it?


My position in your life is to walk with you on a portion of your journey. I will assist you in navigating life decisions such as relationships, employment to see you make the best decision for your life. Let's tap into that God-given innate ability to prosper in all things you!


How Do We Meet?

If you are local, we can meet in person but if not, we can meet by Zoom. You just need to have a computer and a quiet, private space. 

Session time is 1 hour. 


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1:1 6-Month Program

50% down payment on price.

One 15-Minute Support Call per month

Limited text support - Over 30 minutes of text will be billed at $105 and up.


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Do you need a specialized service or length of coaching?  Email me! I will give you a quote!

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