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Hello & Welcome!

I am ​Lorie-Ann Brown, M.S., LCPC ,the founder of Umbrella Ministries, with the purpose and vision in mind to provoke the hearts of every human being God allows me to get in contact with, so it can be turned back to God. The mind is a powerful thing and my desire is to help anyone who will, worldwide, to surrender their minds completely to the acknowledgement and leadership of Christ.


What I Offer...




It’s time to be a more successful you!

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You are here for a reason…

Life is full of ups and life is full of downs. We have all heard this. But what if we can have a stable life that is neither up nor down but constant, no matter the circumstances around us? That is where the peace of God and peace with God comes in. Imagine living a life full of God's light and you allowing Him to fully operate in His sovereignty through you.

The Lord gave me a vision of multiple businesses under an umbrella. He told me the umbrella represented Him and everything of mine, including myself, belonged to Him. I started this journey not as a ministry but as an act of obedience. I decided that I've been waiting to start for too long after the Lord gave me a glimpse of my future. My spirit was quickened! My mission is to share Christ with you in a way that He has shown me Him and to teach you how to land victorious, at all times.


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You have big dreams, big goals and big ideas but you also have BIG fears. You might be asking yourself…”What if I fail? What if I do not have what it takes? What if I’m not good enough?”

I have been there! Lack of knowledge is very rarely the reason why so many of us live a life by default instead of design. It is fear and lack of beliefs that are in alignment with who we need to be in order to create the life we desire. So I decided to dedicate my life and become an expert in how to become who teaches and coaches others how take their lives back so they may design a life they love. 

I want you to recognize your need and vision. We will work on planning an effective strategy to accomplish your goals, implement it and go to work.


We will review the progress you make! I am excited to start working with you!

Lorie-Ann's Books

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If you are ready to create, achieve, and succeed, you are in the right place!

Your time is now to take charge and live a healthier, prosperous life that is fulfilling and purposeful. My coaching program is for you. Let's work to pivot, you on your success journey, and design the best version of yourself.

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Confidence is on the other side of fear. 
Change your brain change your life!

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